Electric Services

Bentz Electric, LLC has a wide variety of experience and knowledge related to construction and electrical systems. We utilize professional electricians and the latest construction methods to provide high quality installations. We strive to meet your needs using our experience, knowledge and resources.

Bentz Electric, LLC has many long-term customers as a result of our electricians’ commitment to quality, detail, timely and cost-effective installations.

Residential Electrical Service (single & multi-family)

Remodeling your present home has never made more economic sense than it does today. Upgrades for the modern home begin with up-to-date electrical systems that boost your home’s value and enhance your lifestyle and comfort. We provide quality electrical solutions for homeowners from the smallest electrical job to the largest remodeling project, including:

Electrical Upgrades & Improvements:
  • Home Lighting Design
  • Electrical Upgrades
  • Soffit Outlet Installation
  • Circuit Breaker Replacement
  • Exhaust Fan Installation
  • Trenching
  • Directional Boring
  • Energy Efficient Electrical
  • Power conditioners
  • Fan Installation
  • Hi-Tech Troubleshooting
  • Electrical Safety Inspections
  • Ballast & Bulb Replacement
  • Specialty Receptacles
  • Underground Cable Locating
  • Communication Wiring (TV, Phone & Computer)
  • Lighting controls
  • Upgrade to LED lighting
  • Electrical Inspections
  • Child-Proof Outlets
  • Track & Accent Lighting
  • Wireless Lighting Controls
  • Shock Prevention Devices
  • Agricultural Wiring
  • Home energy efficiency
Specialty Lighting
  • Landscape Lighting
  • Holiday Lighting
  • Accent lighting
  • Bath Lighting
  • Energy Saving Lighting Solutions
  • Kitchen Lighting
  • Recessed Lighting
Safety & Security Electrical
  • Surge Protection
  • Transfer Switches
  • Motion Sensors
  • Dedicated Circuits
  • Wiring Upgrades
  • Home Electrical Safety
  • Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Detectors
  • Home Standby Generators

Commercial Electrical Service

Bentz Electric, LLC is equipped to manage all of your commercial building electrical requirements at every level—from new-build projects to minor electrical installations and repairs. At each and every commercial level, our goal is to create a commercial electrical system that ensures safety and energy efficiency, while at the same time equipping work spaces for maximum productivity today and as your company grows.

Industrial Electrical Service

The service professionals at Bentz Electric, LLC know it can be a daunting task to identify and solve challenges. We also understand that any delay or interruption in electrical service means a loss in productivity and revenue.

Let us work with you to improve and beautify your business or property, protect your employees and customers, and help you save on energy costs or address and repair any electrical challenges that may arise.

Full Service and Maintenance

Bentz Electric, LLC approaches service calls quickly, competently and reliably. Our trucks are well-stocked with commonly required materials, which enables our electricians to respond quickly to your service needs, limiting any down time at your home or your business.

Lighting Maintenance: The efficient way to change your lamps is the group re-lamp method. We have the expertise, personnel and tools to get the job done in a timely and affordable manner.